events May 9, 2023

Ivan Wasserman Joins Faculty of Probiota Americas

Ivan Wasserman has been invited to speak at Probiota Americas — Connecting the Business & Science of the Microbiome, June 14-16, in Chicago.

In a session titled, “The Evolving Regulatory Landscapes in North America,” Ivan and his co-panelists, Solange Henoud, Vice President Regulatory & Compliance, Lallemand; and Dr. Corey Hilmas, Chief Regulatory Officer, KGK Science, will engage in a dynamic Q&A with Dr. Brian McNeill, Scientific Evaluator, Health Canada; and Leslie Tomkins Steen, FDA.

Produced by, Probiota Americas features world-leading experts from global industries and academia discussing the latest scientific, technical and market insights into the microbiome world.

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