Food, Beverage, Dietary Supplement & Cosmetic Compliance

Food, Beverage, Dietary Supplement & Cosmetic Compliance

Consumer knowledge and demands surrounding the products we ingest have grown exponentially: people want locally grown food created under humane conditions; natural and organic products; and exotic ingredients for health benefits.

The global marketplace has rallied to these demands, resulting in a surge of challenges: fears surrounding food safety and bioterrorism, controversy over genetically modified ingredients and nutrition politics, and rapidly evolving legislation and governmental rules dictating how these products must be manufactured, distributed and marketed. Companies in the food, beverage and nutritional supplement industries must stay constantly vigilant of the ever-changing landscape to protect their business ventures and intellectual property.

Amin Wasserman Gurnani operates under the theory that timely and proactive vetting of intellectual property issues and labeling, advertising and manufacturing compliance allows clients to optimize profits, sustainability, reputation, and consumer and investor confidence.

Our firm is committed to acting as a key strategic partner to companies in this dynamic sector, offering far more than basic legal counsel. We guide clients through the entire lifecycle of their products, from formula development and clinical trials, to quality contracts and good manufacturing practices (GMPs), to advertising and labeling programs designed to legally and effectively market these goods to the public, to trademarks and patents and defense against challengers, and perhaps ultimately through acquisition.

Our services are designed to help our clients avoid legal challenges. However, when clients are faced with adversarial actions from government agencies, IP or false advertising challenges by competitors, or consumer class actions, we are well prepared to advocate on their behalf. By working with our clients from the inception of products, we help them to be forearmed with advantages so that if a dispute arises, we are better positioned to prevail. Finally, we are also aggressive against non-compliant companies unfairly competing against our clients.

We know this industry, and we are committed to helping our clients succeed.