events January 29, 2024

Matthew Orr and William Cole Join Faculty of CPG Legal Forum

Litigation partners Matthew Orr and William Cole have joined the faculty of the CPG Legal Forum, hosted by the Consumer Brands Association. The event in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA, Feb. 26-28, is the premier gathering for senior legal professionals in the consumer packaged goods industry, from household and personal care to food and beverage products.

In a session titled “Being Resolute at Pre-Suit,” Matt and his co-panelists will discuss practical strategies for pre-suit dynamics while profiling common trends from NGOs and the plaintiff’s bar, when to consider settlement,¬†and evaluation of going the distance in litigation.

William’s panel, “A Sustainable Path for CPG Green Claims,” will cover how to approach sustainability claims given litigation and reputational challenges, updates to the FTC’s Green Guides, and implementing a protective yet innovative approach to novel environmental claims.

Matt and William will also participate in a Roundtable discussion of sales practices. The conversation around the table will touch on allegations around shrinkflation, how discounts are claimed, slack fill and number of servings per container, legal pitfalls of hidden fees, retail operations and POS issues, and best practices for risk mitigation.

To learn more about the CPG Legal Forum, click here.