news February 16, 2023

Angela Diesch Quoted in “Sephora Well-Positioned To Defend ‘Clean Beauty’ Case”

Angela Diesch provided commentary to HBW Insight on a class action lawsuit pending against Sephora in New York’s Northern District and shared thoughts on risk avoidance. Angela stated that many brands refer or point to retailer standards— like “Clean at Sephora,” “Conscience Beauty at Ulta Beauty”, or “Whole Food Market Premium Body Care®”, or the “Credo Clean Standard” — to help support their own standard of “clean,” letting consumers know they follow those retailer standards.

Angela also addressed how companies can protect themselves. She said transparency is key, specifically defining and clearly disclosing what ‘x’ means, whether that’s ‘clean,’ ‘natural,’ ‘plant-based,’ or any other claim that is not clearly defined by law or regulation that the brand presents. She also cautioned that the disclosure has to be consistent; it has to be in the consumer’s face. Angela went on to say that you can’t just put a claim on a label without any kind of explanation or qualification, even if that information is available online. That’s potentially problematic, because what if the consumer doesn’t go to your website to see what that claim means? Or doesn’t know where to get more details.

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