news March 17, 2023

Lauren Aronson Quoted in “Industry on Notice as FTC Probes Social Media, Video Streaming Platforms”

Lauren Aronson spoke with NutraIngredients-USA in the wake of the FTC’s ordering eight social media and video streaming platforms to provide information on how the companies detect and restrict paid commercial advertising that is deceptive or exposes consumers to fraud. The orders specifically relate to fraudulent health products.

Lauren stated that while historically the FTC had been focused on television and print advertising, the current FTC has made it no secret that it is concerned about the enormous influence that social media companies have over consumers and appears to be following the old adage “with great power comes great responsibility.” They are now turning to social media platforms to ensure that they are policing advertising for health products and services.

Lauren went on to say that industry can expect advertising for dietary supplements and other health products on those platforms to be even more closely scrutinized.

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