news March 10, 2021

Understanding Regulations, Contracts, And Intellectual Property For Start-Ups With Rakesh Amin

Businesses are borne out of an entrepreneur’s dream or vision. That is why when starting a business, you might as well start it right because there might be areas that can take an unexpected turn, especially when it comes to contracts, regulations, and sometimes, litigation. Get yourself protected at all costs by exploring the importance of having a law firm behind you in this episode. Elliot Begoun is joined by Rakesh Amin of Amin Talati Wasserman, LLP to share his knowledge with us on how he works with many start-ups and early-stage companies to overcome some challenges and mistakes in this particular area of the business. He also dives deep into writing contracts and intellectual property, laying down some scenarios around licensing, trademarks, and even trade secrets that many businesses may find themselves battling over.