news April 18, 2023

Lauren Aronson Quoted in “FTC Warns Hundreds of Advertisers Regarding Unsupported Product Claims”

Natural Products Insider turned to Lauren Aronson for comment on the FTC’s warning, via Notice of Penalty Offenses, to hundreds of advertisers regarding the failure to have competent and reliable evidence to support health or safety claims.

In her comments to reporter Josh Long, Lauren emphasized that the FTC made it clear that health claims, as well as endorsements, are high priority, and that the FTC will use all possible avenues to obtain monetary penalties. She pointed out that while the scope of the FTC’s penalty offense authority remains untested, advertisers making product claims, particularly health and safety claims, should take note and carefully review the FTC’s Health Products Compliance Guidance and proposed updates to the Endorsement Guides to ensure that their marketing is compliant.

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